Essential Advice for a Consulting Career

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In my 14 year consulting career I've been a mentor, a manager, and a people leader. I've interviewed 150+ people, reviewed hundreds more CVs, and coached many people through promotions and complex career challenges.

I've been instrumental in the delivery of major global programmes for some of the world's most successful organisations, and in growing a successful team delivering world-class projects. I've worked with great (and sometimes challenging) clients, alongside talented colleagues, and inspiring leaders.

This video course is packed with the best wisdom and advice from my 14 year journey on how to succeed (including the things I wish someone had told me!) distilled into a concise video series.

I focus on the advice that has been most valuable, and especially on the things that no one else tells you.

I discuss the options for carving a great career pathway in the big consultancies, and provide advice tailored by grade - including what to expect as you progress in seniority, how to be successful at each stage in your consulting career, the most common mistakes I see, and how to avoid making them yourself.

This short video course is for anyone in a consulting career, or interested in a consulting career.

This video course includes:

1) Intro & Carving your Career Pathway 12 mins video presentation

Course introduction, and high level info on consulting careers:

  • Seniority (02:48)
  • How to Get Promoted (07:30)
  • Note on Changing Employers (09:30)

2) Career Advice by Grade (Part A) 19 mins video presentation

Reflections on the stages in a consulting career - what to expect, how to succeed, and what to watch for.

  • Success at Junior Grades (Graduate / Analyst / Associate / Consultant) (00:35)
  • Success at Senior Consultant / Senior Associate Grade (10:30)

3) Career Advice by Grade (Part B) 29 mins video presentation

  • Success as a Consulting Manager (00:10)
  • Success as a Senior Manager / Associate Director (14:44)
  • Reflections on Leadership (19:45)

4) Common Challenges & Words of Wisdom 14 mins video presentation

Recurring themes and keys to success at any stage in your career.

  • Ways of Working & Efficiency (00:10)
  • Leaning on Others (06:18)
  • Handling Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome (09:38)
  • The Importance of Perspective (12:53)

Reviews & Endorsements

"Excellent, informed and honest advice. Couldn't recommend this highly enough!

I advise anyone in the consulting world, or looking to get into it, to check out this expert advice on career development and navigating the industry."

- Chris Baker, Head of Consulting @ Studio Zao | Managing Director @ Circle of Intrapreneurs


"This would have been incredibly useful prior to hitting the stage I’m now at - great concise information on how to navigate the world of consulting. The leadership section would have fit perfectly with the training sessions we had with the UK Special Forces."

- John King, Management Consultant @ Alight



"Honest advice and inspirational. I definitely learned some new things and also a wonderful refresher on other points that needed to be brought back to the front of mind!"

- Jelena Petkovic, Strategy & Performance Senior Manager @ Commonwealth Bank Australia


"Really relatable and with a wide range of knowledge and insights into the industry. This is a great tool for someone who is looking to deepen their understanding of consulting. Highly recommend!"

- Tamsin Rawson, Senior Consultant @ Deloitte



  • You will also get access to any additional content I add to this course in future, for no extra charge (even if the price increases)
  • If you aren't satisfied with what you get from this course, let me know within 7 days (and why). I'll refund all reasonable requests in full
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You'll get...

1) Intro & Carving your Career Pathway
Video presentation - 12 mins
2) Career Advice by Grade - Junior Grades and Senior Consultants / Senior Associates
Video presentation - 19 mins
3) Career Advice by Grade - Managers and Senior Managers / Associate Directors
Video presentation - 29 mins
4) Common Challenges & Words of Wisdom
Video presentation - 14 mins
Total Duration:
1 hour 14 mins


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Essential Advice for a Consulting Career

10 ratings
I want this!